The Golf GAEA Lancieux created in 2005 was the starting point of a story that is written today.
Philippe Benadretti founder and president of the golf sports association says
"When I visited for the first time the land of" Buglais "I immediately wanted to enter a drive and imagined that the land had been created for the game of golf. Who says elsewhere the monks who built the polders and worked on the farm of Buglais not tested it? "

This story has begun on the site of a farm located in the Buglais. Golfers come discover golf in a beautiful setting between sea and countryside close to Saint-Briac, Dinard, Dinan and St Malo, opposite Saint-Jacut and the island of Ebihens.

They then had to recharge around the clubhouse van. It became emblematic place has really shaped the spirit of conviviality that prevails at the club.

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