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Golf is certainly not the only sport where practices including compliance with the other facilities, the spirit of the game, complete the pure settlement points. Anyone who has trodden a green understand the concepts of respect of the land so strong in golf, anyone who has assimilated the specificity of the golf stroke that occurs from the stop, so in a situation of total vulnerability to noises or sudden movements around, include the notions of silence, peace, whoever shall keep in mind the two notions of respect of the land and respect for others will respect the label without difficulty. The label includes all the rules of behavior that respects real player. They fi gurent in the preamble of the Rules of Golf and are characterized by the fact that they do not lead to penalty when they are not respected: this is what should make the most present and stronger because they summarize the "etiquette" of golf: respect for other players and terrain.


Be attentive to others

In friendly game or competition, players play on the same course, one behind the other in groups of two, three or four. In the interest of all never forget these few points for the comfort and safety of your partners or parties you previous:
- Never play until the players ahead of you are at your best shot.
- If you make practice swings, make sure those around you (! Especially those behind you and you can not see) are unlikely to be affected or receive earth or gravel you might move.
- If your ball is headed in a direction where it could contact, shout to warn of danger. The usual term is "ball! Dropoff window.

You know how golf demand peace and quiet; then avoid, when a player makes his stroke:
- You move, move, speak,
- Standing too close to him,
- To place you on the extension of his line of play or on a putting green behind him when he plays.

Play at a good pace
- Walk quickly. You must keep the interval with the previous group.
- If your group falls behind by a free hole through one preceding it and delays the next group, invite her to place, regardless of the number of players making up this group.
- Avoid multiple (and often unnecessary) Test movements.
- Be ready to play when it's your turn
- Arriving at the green, put your bag or cart on the next start of the path.
- Prepare your shot while the others play, especially in putting.
- Immediately Quit the green of the hole when the game is over.

If stray bullet
- If your ball is likely to be out of bounds or lost outside a water hazard, in order to save time, play a provisional ball.
- If you are looking for a ball hard to place, leave immediately pass the part that follows you ... without waiting for five minutes have elapsed.


A golf course is quite fragile nature and must be protected as much as the great golf principle is to play the ball where it lies; less land will be damaged, there will be less likely to have to play a misplaced ball. So never be careless about these few fundamental points because you might find yourself in the same predicament as you would have left.

On the course

Replace divots (divots) you tear while playing, replaquez them in the right direction and flatten them. On départsSi you really need to make a first attempt made your trial swing outside the teeing ground.

In bunkers
Even if there is no rake in the bunker, you must always, when leaving it, leveling the sand by erasing the traces of the club and not ... As the rules require you to play the ball where it is, you will quickly discover how uncomfortable it is to find yours at the bottom of a footprint ...

On the greens

The greens are the finer surfaces, the most fragile and demanding, because your ball must roll ... right regularly and jump! Arriving on the green, looking for the pitch (impact mark) your ball and repair it immediately ... maybe do not you leave him? ... So take a look around ... and repair the pitches that some players have left less respectful.
- When you wait on the green, do not lean on your putter ...
- Do not drag their feet because the nails or soft spikes on your shoes leave marks: repair this damage,
- Do not stand too close to the hole so as not to distort the surroundings,
- Do not put your bag on the green,
- Do not drive on the greens and departures with your trolley
- Remove your ball from the hole carefully and properly replace the flag.

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